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New ParadropVR installation opens in Doha, Qatar


The under-canopy, virtual reality (VR) flying experience, ParadropVR, has opened at Doha Oasis Quest in Qatar.  Another example of experience innovation in the Middle East

The installation is in good company at the state-of-the-art indoor theme park, featuring world-class rides and attractions including industry leading VR, augmented reality, and 3D experiences.

Matt Wells, Chief Executive and co-founder of Frontgrid, the creators of ParadropVR, said: “What sets ParadropVR apart is that it is not just a virtual reality experience. It combines motion and the sensation of air, to really make it feel like you are flying. It allows you to explore your environment from the sky, choosing your own journey. So, you could simply float around and admire the incredible view; which is quite a powerful sensory experience in itself. Or, you can choose to follow one of the trails of rings in the sky, encouraging you to dip and turn and collect points along the way.”

 Frontgrid builds installations which combine motion-based hardware with thrilling VR environments and gamification. ParadropVR now features in 10 countries around the world, which as well as Qatar in the Middle East includes Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with some new news coming soon. ParadropVR also has installations in India, Thailand, Malaysia, the UK, Denmark and Ukraine and soon to open in the USA.

 The ParadropVR concept was originally inspired by speed-flying and has been created by adventure specialists pushing the boundaries of physical experience into VR. Matt Wells started his career as a paratrooper in the army, he went on to found businesses focused on adventure activities and expeditions in over 50 destinations worldwide.

 Matt, said: “The Middle East is a natural playground for adventure activities. With a great deal of investment and development in the region, it is now also leading the way in terms of adoption of new technologies such as AR, VR, and 3D, creating new frontiers for experiences. Frontgrid is proud to be part of the exciting new opening of Doha Oasis Quest.”

 Neil Hudson, Head of Operations at Frontgrid, who flew out to Qatar to assemble the ParadropVR units when COVID restrictions were lifted, talked about some of the challenges about installing during a global pandemic. He said: “Obviously we took all precautions and heeded all governmental and international travel advice. In total the travel there and back included 6 precautionary COVID tests and a 7-day hotel quarantine. Still, after a year of venues experiencing closures or part closures across the world, it is important that sites get themselves ready for when they can reopen and travel resumes, so that they can capitalise on the visitor spend. Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup this year so there is a lot of building happening including new stadiums. Doha Oasis Quest will be fully ready to serve the footfall from that event. Having had a sneak preview of the construction in progress, I can tell you it’s a great attraction!”

 Doha Oasis Quest is a 27,500 sqm one-of-a-kind indoor destination experiential theme park acting as the “crown jewel” within a wider Doha Oasis project. The Doha Oasis project is intended to deliver high-end mixed-use development in the heart of Musheireb, State of Qatar. The project includes 9 floors containing 245 private, high-end residences; a retail component entitled Doha Oasis Boutique comprised of 3 levels of shopping and dining; cutting edge VIP cinemas; and a 29-floor tower housing an ultra-luxury 7-star hotel. Quest itself is comprised of 22 attractions, featuring a mix of 7 thrill based, 8 family oriented, and 7 kid focused attractions.

The Quest concept revolves around the notion of time. The park is divided into three time-dimensions; the City of Imagination, representing a wondrous Present, Oryxville, a portrayal of an ancient Arabian Past; and Gravity, a sneak-peak into a futuristic Space Age tomorrow. Each time-dimension is inhabited by enchanting characters that embark guests on sensational adventures aboard themed, media-enhanced, and story-driven attractions. At Quest, you will be able to explore the past, play in the present and imagine the future.

Matt Wells said; “ParadropVR sits well within that mix offering the future of experience, we very much look forward to seeing further visitors welcomed.”

The Qatar National Vision 2030 is working to transform the region into an epicentre of culture, values, technology, architecture, and art, by expanding Qatar’s ability to attract tourists, businesses, and international events. With its multi-faceted opportunities, Doha Oasis will contribute immensely toward that goal.



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